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Company/Website about bandwidth? cost? open-source? tags? search able? support? customizable?
(exemples) Click here (hi/lo) (free/fee) (yes/no) (yes/no) (yes/no) (yes/no) (yes/no)
example click here high free yes yes yes yes no
Twitter Learn More> Medium free yes Yes, Learn More> yes yes no
Jaiku example high free
Pownce example high free
dipity example high free
plurk example high free
Squid Micro-Blogging ASP example n/a n/a
hellotxt example high free
tumblr example high free
blue twit example high free
brightkite example high free
beemood example high free
meemi example high free
Tatango Tatango n/a free

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Sniki Tools


* About SNiki Wiki: Your Social Networking Wiki
* Community portal
* Recent changes
* Contact Sniki Wiki
* Donate to Sniki Wiki
* Help


* How to add images to Sniki Wiki pages.
* How to add links to Sniki.
* How to create a new page.
* How to edit pages.
* Glossary
* What is Social Media?


* List of countries
* Español
* Français
* Bahasa Indonesia
* Italiano
* Nederlands
* ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬
* Português
* Svenska
* ไทย
* Tiếng Việt


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