Mashable Seesmic Introduces Video Commenting For Wordpress Blogs

Seesmic Introduces Video Commenting for WordPress Blogs

April 23, 2008 — 11:34 AM PDT — by Adam Ostrow —

Seesmic, the video conversation startup founded by Loic Le Meur, has launched a WordPress plugin that allows users to leave video comments on blogs. Le Meur describes the purpose of the plugin as follows:

”We warmly welcome Wordpress users to the Seesmic community. With over 70 million blogs worldwide, there is always a need for bloggers to differentiate themselves, and to engage their audience in different ways. Seesmic enables people to engage in video conversations, straight from their webcams, and now also straight from their blogs. Now, most bloggers can create and participate in live video conversations directly with their readers.”

It’s a similar plugin to the one we installed last month here at Mashable using Viddler, which has lead to some serious quality conversation in our comment area, such as this video from Pete:

As for Seesmic, it would appear they are trying to take their service to where the users are. Earlier this month, the company acquired the popular Twitter desktop client Twhirl, where video commenting will be integrated to try and increase Seesmic’s usage.

To find instructions for installing the Seesmic plugin and see some blogs that are using it, check out the wiki that the company has setup. We’d be curious to hear how it compares to the Viddler plugin if you try it out on your blog.


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