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The term machine-readable (or computer-readable) refers to information encoded in a form which can be, read (i.e., scanned/sensed) by a machine/computer and interpreted by the machine's hardware and/or software. Theoretically, anything that can be read, can be read by machines, but not necessarily comprehended by machines.

Common machine-readable data storage and data transmission technologies include processing waveforms, optical character recognition (OCR) and barcodes. Any information retrievable by any form of energy can be machine-readable. Examples include:

* Acoustics
* Chemical
o Photochemical
* Electrical
o Semiconductor used in volatile RAM microchips
o Floating-gate transistor used in non-volatile memory cards
o Radio transmission
* Magnetic storage
* Mechanical
o Pins and holes
+ Punch card
+ Paper tape
# Music roll
+ Music box cylinder or disk
o Grooves (See also Audio Data)
+ Phonograph cylinder
+ Gramophone record
+ DictaBelt (groove on plastic belt)
+ Capacitance Electronic Disc
* Optics
o Optical storage
* Thermodynamic

[edit] See also

* Machine-readable medium
* Human-readable
* MARC standards

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