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Japan: Technology Penetration

Internet Penetration

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, internet penetration in Japan reached 66.8% with 85.2 million users. This represents an increase of 5.81 million from the previous year.

Number of Internet users and penetration rate
Broadband Penetration

Of this 85.2 million, about 27% (23.3 million) were accessing the internet via broadband.


* 14.52 million on DSL (up to 50 mbps)
* 5.46 million on FTTH (up to 100 mbps)
* 3.31 million on Cable (up to 30 mbps)

[Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communication: White Paper 2006: Information & Communications in Japan (Chapter 1)]

Transition in the number of broadband contracts

Note: While FTTH connections have been increasing over DSL connections in recent years, this trend is confined to urban areas since targeting this concentration of internet users in cities makes most economic sense for telecommunications businesses. More information at source. [Source: The Diffusion Group: “FTTH In Asia: Japan Leads But China Is A Sleeping Giant”]

Mobile Penetration

Interestingly, internet access in Japan is not simply restricted to PCs. In fact, mobile phones have become just as essential, if not more so. A study of the penetration of internet ready devices in Japanese households found more equipped with mobiles (85.3%) than personal computers (68.3%).

The number of people accessing internet via mobile devices has surpassed those that access it via PC; About 57% use both mobile devices and PC. [Source: MIC Telcos usage survey 2005 via Konnichiwa Takako: “Overview Of Japan In Numbers”]

Note: This trend often leads to mis-reporting of internet usage statistics in Japan since worldwide comparative reports often neglect access through mobile devices and instead focus on ‘traditional’ internet access through PCs.

Households Percentage
The popularity of mobile phones is clearly apparent through news that Japan passed the 100 million mark for mobile subscribers in February this year. This suggests that “about 78% of those living there have a mobile”. [Source: BBC News: “Japan Mobile Phones Top 100m Mark”]

Within a year, the number of 3G subscribers also increased by 18.64 million.

* January 2006: 44.58 million
* December 2006: 63.22 million

[Source: eMarketer via New Media Review: “Markets by Country – Japan”]

Compared to the rest of the world, Japan is the leader in this area with 92% surveyed indicating they had used mobile phones for email or internet browsing. [Source: eMarketer: “Will The Mobile Phone Become The Dominant Internet Platform?”]
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