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The Japanese presence in the blogosphere is prominent and unquestionable. According to Technorati’s State of Live Web 2007 report, the Japanese language is the most used language in the blogosphere (37%), with English following closely behind at 33% and Chinese at a significantly smaller percentage next at 8%.

While this is impressive, research efforts by JR Tokai Express, however, have indicated that almost 67% of respondents worked in companies that did not have corporate blogs. The majority of Japanese blogs online then must be credited to individual content providers.

Japan - Social Media and PR across Asia

An Edelman study also found that blog readership is the highest in Japan with 74% of respondents indicating that they read blogs. South Korea (43%), China (39%) and United States (27%) followed behind Japan in this component. A significant number of these blog readers are considered Japanese ‘influencers’ (91%). Briefly, influencers are those who have taken part in activities such as attending meetings on public issues, signing a petition or holding or running for political office. More details can be found in the attached document.

Japan - Social Media and PR across Asia
Japan - Social Media and PR across Asia Blogs are read far more frequently in Japan than in other polled countries. Unlike the rest of the world (except Poland), Japanese women (4.74 days per week) read blogs more frequently than Japanese men (4.36 days per week). In contrast, South Korean men read blogs 2.39 days per week compared to the women who read blogs 1.69 days per week. Chinese men were found to read blogs 1.84 days per week while women read them 1.65 days per week.

Japan - Social Media and PR across Asia
Another demographic detail that is significant to note is the breakdown of blog readers based on age. While young adults read blogs more frequently, those in the older age groups do not lag far behind. The 18-24 year olds for instance, indicated an average of reading blogs approximately 5 days a week while those 65 and above stood at approximately 4 days a week

Second Life

Japan - Social Media and PR across AsiaLinden Lab’s online virtual world – Second Life – is also a popular online site among the Japanese. Even before the release of the Japanese-language Second Life client, the latest statistics (June ’07) showed Japan jump from its ninth place position (3.70%) the month before to sixth place (5.46%) on the list of percentage of active users by country. [Source: Second Life News Centre: “Second Life Population Slumps In June”] This demonstrates how the Japanese are receptive to new social media applications, despite language barriers.

China, Singapore and Hong Kong by comparison are ranked much lower on the list at 0.92%, 0.29% and 0.18% respectively. [Source: Second Life Virtual Economy Key Metrics] Japan - Social Media and PR across Asia

Social Networking Services

Social Networking Services have steadily increased in popularity in Japan. These websites serve as a way in which the Japanese can socialise, interact and communicate online. As of March 2005, the number of registered Social Networking Service members was 7.16 million up from 3.99 million the year before. This number has since expected to have increased greatly.

[Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communication: White Paper 2006: Information & Communications in Japan (Chapter 1)]

Various different providers exist, with some exceedingly more popular than others. List of Japan’s Major SNS Sites (scroll to page end)

Japan - Social Media and PR across Asia
Japan - Social Media and PR across Asia Mixi is Japan’s most popular social networking site with 5 million registered users. It now trades on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is valued at ¥181 billion (USD1.5 billion) - ¥38,210 (USD 315) per user.

Newscorp’s acquisition of MySpace (and its 19 million users) on the other hand, cost ¥70.3 billion (USD580 million) which adds up to ¥3639 (USD 30) per user.

[Source: Press Releases: “Social Networking/Social Commerce VOIS.com Offers A New Way For People And Businesses To Connect”]

In December 2006, Mixi Mobile members reached 2.3 million and this number is growing at a rate of 12,000 new members per day. Once again, this service is most popular with the younger crowds.

[Source: CNet Japan via Japan’s Cellphone Edge: Mixi Mobile Is Getting One Hundred Million Page Views Per Day Now]

The case of mixi has demonstrated how social networking services are increasingly popular in Japan. Beyond this, free fully functional mobile offerings are necessary in reaching the Japanese population.

Japan - Social Media and PR across Asia

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