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Internship Ratings, a place where interns can rate their experience as interns at various area businesses. According to the website, this is an east coast launch, but the concept is easy to spread across the country, so I imagine as interns discover it, the ratings might spread. One person who might want to check this out is Lauren Berger, the Intern Queen. Maybe Stephanie and Lauren will find some synergies.

I’m back and forth on rating sites. I think that they offer some value, but I always wonder about traffic. I’ve been looking back and forth at Vendor City in the same way for the last several days (a few months?), too.

To the plus side, it’s great that people have a place to rate and have a voice. My big concern: traffic. How do you get people there, and sustain the interest?

For now, I wish Stephanie luck, and as of this posting, here’s the Top 5 Places to Intern, according to her site:



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