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Our mission is to help people collaborate and get organized.

Simple enough. And yet, building software that quietly facilitates collaboration as opposed to barging in with its own requirements is anything but simple.

I want Sandy Values of n brings an iconoclastic approach to social software design. We're throwing out the well-worn assumptions about how applications are supposed to work, and are instead paying attention to the clever ways in which people have adapted software to fit their needs. These workarounds usually contain the seeds of a better solution.

We always strive to move beyond software that's "cool" or feature-full to software that's transparent and feature-useful: software so elegantly implemented it becomes an extension of the person using it.

stikkit You'll see all of this at work in our products, Stikkit: Little yellow notes that think, and I want Sandy — Your personal email assistant.

Values of n is based in North East Portland, Oregon. Our office, decked out with the finest Home Depot provides, bustles day and night with a crew fueled by a passion for changing the way things get done, a measured sense of urgency, and a reasonable quantity of Voodoo Doughnuts.
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