How To Create A New Sniki Wiki Page

As a Wiki, the site is constantly evolving and growing. If there is something that you can’t find, we want to know about it! It is easy to add a site or company from the links at the bottom of each category's LIST page.

  • 1. Enter the name or Company into the Add New Page form at the bottom of the bar (to the left)
  • 2. If the page already exists it will direct you there, if not it will automatically open up a template page.
  • 3. Enter any information you know about the site. Including pictures, links, and resources.
  • 4. Save the page you edited
  • 5. Click on the Options button at the bottom right of the page. Then click parent. Start typing the name of whatever category you think applies to your new page. (categories are the names of the navigation at the top of the page)
  • This is a very important step because it gives your page breadcrumbs for navigation, and also automatically applies it to which ever list you choose.
  • 6. At the bottom of the page (near the options button) click Tags and add a list of words you think describe your page.


Each page can have multiple tags (labels). If you use such services as you should be familiar with the concept of tags. Also Wikipedia has entries for tags and tag cloud.

In your Site tags can relate to… anything. A tag cloud is automatically generated for all your tagged pages.

Tags have no affect on other functions and features of the Site contrary to categories.

Parent pages

Parent relations allow to introduce page structure (like in site maps). The results of setting a parent page are:

* breadcrumbs navigation appear at the top of the page,
* easier to come back to the parent page,
* easier listing (see [module] and [module])

These documentation pages use parent relations. Just see how it works and how it makes the navigation easier.



Please visit Documentation pages to learn more.


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