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Hong Kong: Traditional Media

Total Advertising Spending on the Rise

Known as the advertising capital of the world, Hong Kong has the highest per capita spending on advertising. According to ACNielsen, total advertising spending in 2006 was a staggering US$7 billion, an 8% rise over 2005. This growth trend has continued since 1999 and has only picked up in recent years.

Hong Kong - Social Media and PR across Asia

Online Advertising still Small

Online advertising however, still forms only a small portion of overall advertising. In May/Jun 2007, total online spending was only $15 million. No figures are even available for social media. According to Irene Loh, Director of Digital at Zenith Optimedia, a company that is a leader in advertising research, “most online advertising is still done through banners on discussion forums and blogs” and the use of social media by businesses is still only “past infancy”.

Hong Kong - Social Media and PR across Asia


Internet advertising is included under 'others' and advertising expenditures in that area have increased significantly.

Online Advertisments Highly Segmented

Top 10 advertisers in May:
Hong Kong - Social Media and PR across Asia

Online spending is highly segmented with over 22% coming from didactic institutions—Unisoft is an example. An explanation is probably the extremely high proportion of students who are online.

The mode of advertising by both the top two firms is consistent—both used banners. The difference however, was the websites used. Unisoft chose three local websites while Citigroup used a mix of 13 different websites. This is probably due to the segmented nature of visitors. (See section on Cultural Issues—Language.)

Hong Kong: Traditional Media - Social Media and PR across Asia

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