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Community means co-operation, co-creation, and co-innovation. Whether you refer to it as an online community, web community, or business social network, creating a community for your business is one of the most significant steps you can take towards becoming a high performance company. HiveLive provides the perfect platform to…

* Build brand loyalty by communicating with customers instead of at them
* Optimize employee insight, collaboration, and learning
* Strengthen partner relationships with momentum, innovation, and results
* Create a channel of trust through word-of-mouth interactions

HiveLive brings together the people and information that move your business forward.

Watch our introductory video and learn what the LiveConnect Community Platform is all about.

  • View the features and functions of our community platform.
    • Find out how easy it is to create a community custom-fit to your business.
    • See how quickly you can deploy a community.
    • Learn why a community is a cost-effective way to include your customers in all aspects of your marketing efforts.


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The LiveConnect Community Platform brings Web 2.0 tools into the next generation. By providing infinitely adaptable community building blocks that can be configured by anyone, HiveLive has designed something entirely new: a people-centered community platform.

Why? Because we recognize that people are unique: they think, create, and interact in fundamentally different ways. Your enterprise community should be unique, as well - finely tuned to its members, and to your organization. When people have the freedom to shape the conversation, then engagement, trust, and accountability grow - genuinely and organically.

Our power lies in our patent pending Hives - flexible building blocks that allow you to create a custom fit community that fuels natural participation and enables every member to really make the community their own. The LiveConnect Community Platform can be tailored and tuned to enable members to freely interact and collaborate, to share anything with anyone, any time.
Go further than blogs and wikis. Reach beyond social networks. Connect to the power of Hives.



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