A Quick Set of "Guidelines"

  • Wikis are editable pages that YOU create.
    • No one has "forgotten" or "left out" anything. You just haven't added it yet.
    • YOU can edit this. You have the power.
    • If you want some credit make a comments box at the bottom of the page (NOT in the pages) and say something about what you added
    • If you want to recommend someone join this site send them an invite.
    • (Everything has a chance for abuse. Please help police this.)
    • The basic idea is to give people a starter point to find something new and interesting.
    • There is no one authority. If you've clicked Edit, you have the same power as everyone else.
    • AND Yes, some pages have been blocked from edited, but they are few and far between. The main pages, the navigation, and the founders pages are about it. So start sharing information!


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