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About Germany's Technology, Economics, and Social Media Sites

Germany’s future economic and social development depends to an increasing extent on its innovation performance. Today, research and development-intensive industries account for more than half of all industrial production in Germany. This sector’s importance for the economy as a whole is greater than in any other major industrialized nation.

Some sites you may already know, that are available outside of the US. - Although it started in English, Piczo has done a massive push into the Spanish, French and German speaking social networking market. Piczo makes photo sharing easy - just like Flickr, however it also promotes the social networking part of picture sharing by allowing users to easily create their own pages with drag and drop features.

  • # - StudiVZ is a German social network that, like Vostu, is very much like Facebook. In January, this burgeoning site was acquired by Holtzbrinck group, the German publishing giant. It's focus is upon German college students and is completely in German.
  • # Jubii - Jubii is Lycos attempt at a social networking community, which features a "social community to make friends, chat with them, share photos and have fun – all on a virtual island world." Jubii has both French and German social networking sites, however in some other countries in Europe Jubbi is Lycos' version of their search engine.
  • # - Buchpfade is a German social networking site that focuses in on it's community's love of books. It lists new books, popular books and even drives content discussion on "tags".
  • (a professional social network like LinkedIn)
  • (like facebook)
  • (like Twitter)
  •, a community that revolves around a G4-like television program.


  • Mr. Wong - News and Social Bookmarking


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