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What is GeoJSON?

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GeoJSON is a collaborative project to to determine what, if any, geographic content can be encoded in JSON.

GeoJSON Encodings

  • GeoJSON Web Map Context, derived from OGC Web Map Context
    • GeoJSON Features, derived from Atom [1]

Other GeoJSON Encoding Candidates

* OGC Web Feature Service (WFS), with an emphasis on WFS Simple
* Proposal of a WFS encoding. It currently describes the GetFeature input/output, the DescribeFeatureType output.The Openoffice format:Media:jsonwfsspec.odt The Word format:Media:jsonwfsspec.doc.

Useful links

* GeoJSON - one of the first attempts to encode geographic data in JSON (with the name kindly donated to this effort)
* JIDL - "describes a simple scheme for implementing namespaced vocabularies in JSON"
* Geowanking mailing list thread "JSON for GEO"

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