Family Social Networks

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* Amiglia - A family networking service enabling users to connect to family members by publishing and sharing family trees, photos etc.

  • CafeMom - CafeMom is a social networking site for mothers to connect and share thoughts with each other.
  • Cingo - Cingo users connect with each other to organize their family life.
  • CommonGate - A social networking platform Most-Networked-Executives that enables users to create their own social network for their friends, family or organization.
  • Family 2.0 - Family 2.0 helps you create your own family social network, you can add family members, send personalized emails and create event alerts.
  • Famiva - A premier social network to connect with family members and relatives in a secure environment.
  • Famster - A private secure social network for family members.
  • - An exciting social networking site enabling members to create their family tree Family tree . Although it’s a relatively new site, it has grown tremendously fast, and has hundreds of thousands of users.
  • Genoom - Genoom creates a meeting place for its site users. They can create a family network by inviting their relatives and discover their past memories.
  • Kincafe - An ideal social network for families to connect with their beloved ones.
  • Kinzin - Kinzin is an online meeting place for families to share family events, photos, stories and recipes.
  • MayasMoM - A family networking site for parents.
  • Minti - A collaborative parenting site.
  • MomJunction - MomJunction allows mothers to find reliable answers to questions, create private spaces with friends and build communities.
  • MothersClick - MothersClick connects mothers in a neighborhood with each and provides parenting advice to them.
  • - An excellent way to connect with your family members.
  • - An online shared database with combined knowledge and data at a single place.
  • - OurStory enables users to share stories of their families with others.
  • Parentography - A social network offering advice and advice for families.
  • The Family Post - A sharing network for communication with family members.
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