Desarae Veit

Who is Desarae A. Veit AKA Desaraev?

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What is his blog about?

Interactive Medias is a blog about design, standards, social media, marketing, what is new and upcomming.

What does she advocate?

Social Media, Marketing, Design, Aviation, Human Rights, Philanthropy, and Sniki.

Who does she work for?

I'm an interactive marketing strategist who does SEO, SEM, and Social Marketing for August Ash, Inc., a Minneapolis based web design and development firm. August Ash also specializes in SEO, SEM, E-commerce sites, social media, and prides themselves in holding high standards to all their websites (they're all web standards based.)

I personally also have a freelance business with Cory Vandenberghe of Digital Ives. Together (in both my freelance work and day job) I leverage social media for clients and teach anyone willing to listen how to better understand what the internet can do for them and how they will benefit from it. At Digital Ives I've played the role of designer, usability architect, strategist, programmer, search engine specialist, and social media maven.

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