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DanceSafe is a nonprofit organization, with 28 local chapters in the US and Canada.

DanceSafe youth volunteers set up tables at raves and other events to distribute educational literature containing information describing the effects and risks associated with the use of various drugs and sell testing kits so that users may obtain more information about the contents of their pills.

[edit] Laboratory adulterant screening

DanceSafe no longer offers laboratory analysis of pills. This service is now being offered by which performs anonymous pill testing and is co-sponsored by Erowid, MAPS, and DanceSafe. As of August 2005, ran out of funds and people now wanting to get their pills tested have to pay the full $115. The website is currently soliciting donations to restart its pill-testing program. All testing results since the beginning of the program in 1998 are available for review at EcstasyData's website.

DanceSafe was founded in 1998 by Emanuel Sferios. He resigned in 2001. DanceSafe currently has a seven-member board of directors who oversee the operations of the organization.

In addition to the work at raves and other events, DanceSafe runs an online harm-reduction 'booth'. The Booth's current administrator is Bryan Oley.

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