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Congoo is a free real-time news, networking and information portal. Congoo’s unique channels merge the most important news with industries’ most important people. Congoo’s acclaimed features provide members with access to a higher level of information than can be found on any other portal. The combination of access to real-time news and industry insiders provides an unparalleled sense of connection with each member’s industry.

Congoo’s news service is a uniquely valuable tool for staying current on anything. Congoo News is the most comprehensive news source on the Web aggregating stories from over 25,000 free and subscription content sources. Congoo’s technology organizes articles into stories and stories into subjects. Congoo’s news channels focus on providing real time information across hundreds of broad and niche subjects with a special focus on industry news and information. Many of the Web’s most valuable news stories are locked away behind subscription barriers and only available to paying subscribers. This is why most news aggregators won’t feature premium information in their news headlines. In addition to the news channel, cutting-edge features like News Circles™ help users create their own News Portal in seconds, and then share it with the world or a private group. News Briefings and keyword alerts keep members informed about important news spanning the free and invisible Web. Congoo News, Image and Web search adds a layer of premium content to already comprehensive results. It’s an unbeatable combination for users looking for credible results not found anywhere else!

The Netpass uses patented technology and creates a free bridge which spans the divide between expensive information services and the mass of information available on the free Web. Millions of information seekers want access to subscription content but do not require a full subscription. These users just need access to view a few articles from many different subscription sources monthly. Congoo’s technology unlocks hundreds of these subscription content sources without having a paid subscription so you get access when you need it.

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