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+ The communications and engagement game

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There are two versions of the social media game here:

  • One designed for a workshop on public relations, communication and engagement in housing organisations - Blog item here
    • A version with a revised set of cards designed for a workshop at the Institute of Fundraising.

Put simply:

* There's a slide presentation
* People break into groups of 6-8 and invent scenarios around local housing organisations and their residents
* They then present the scenarios as challenges to a pair group
* Groups use a matrix to think of who they are trying to engage and why: consume information, communicate, collaborate
* They then choose communication methods from a set of cards. Each card has 1, 2, 3 points - budget is 15.
* The develop a plan and present this back to the "client" group
* Group split into sub-groups and tell the stories of how this works for different characters, and the project

More along these lines at Useful games

The presentation

The game instructions

The cards

Also here

* The who and why matrix whoandwhy.pdf
* The characters storyline character.pdf
* The project storyline timeproject.pdf

How organisations can address issues raised by social media is under discussion at The Membership Project
and also at Designing for Civil Society
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