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Mission Statement

The Center for Social Media showcases and analyzes strategies to use media as creative tools for public knowledge and action. It focuses on social documentaries for civil society and democracy, and on the public media environment that supports them. The Center is part of the School of Communication at American University.
Patricia Aufderheide
Jessica Clark
Director, Future of Public Media Project
Alison Hanold
Assistant Director
Maura Ugarte
Associate Research Director
Claire Darby
Graduate Fellow
Genna Duberstein
Graduate Fellow
Zia Holder
Administrative Assistant
Research & Media Fellows
Barbara Abrash
Director of Public Policy Programs, New York University
Mridu Chandra
Director, Documentary Ethics Project
Giovanna Chesler
Executive Producer, Tune in STI Network
Greg Fitzpatrick
Research Fellow
Gordon Quinn
President and founding member of Kartemquin Films
Kate Schuler
Research Fellow
Neil Sieling
Media Fellow
Shalini Venturelli
Director, Global Public Media Research Project
Ann Williams
Media Fellow
Advisory Committee
Helen De Michiel

National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture
Sally Jo Fifer

Independent Television Service
Faye Ginsburg

Professor and Director
Center for Media, Culture and History
New York University
Barbara Kopple

Cara Mertes

Sundance Documentary Film Program
Chon Noriega

Professor and Associate Director
Chicano Studies Research Center
University of California Los Angeles
Mimi Pickering

Film/Video Producer
Appalshop Films
Ellen Schneider

Executive Director
Active Voice
George Stoney

Filmmaker and Goddard Professor of Cinema
New York University
Debra Zimmerman

Executive Director
Women Make Movies
Sandra Braman

Department of Communication
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Andrew Calabrese

School of Journalism and Mass Communication
University of Colorado
Katy Chevigny

Executive Director
Arts Engine, Inc.
Linda Garcia

Communication, Culture & Technology Program
Georgetown University
David Liroff

Senior Vice President, System Development and Media Strategy
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Kevin Martin

Vice President, Station Grants and Television Station Initiatives
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Michael Schudson

Department of Communication
University of California - San Diego
Ernest J. Wilson III

Dean and Walter Annenberg Chair in Communication
School for Communication
University of Southern California
Don Young

Interim Executive Director
Center for Asian American Media
Former Research & Media Fellows
Kathryn Montgomery
Youth, Media & Democracy Project Director
Martin Lucas
Media Fellow
Brigid Maher
Video Producer
Maggie Burnette Stogner
New Media Literacy Project Co-Director
Celine-Marie Pascale
New Media Literacy Project Co-Director
Working Group

The Center for Social Media Working Group is composed of School of Communication faculty who advise, assist and participate in the Center's activities.

News from the Future of Public Media

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DRP beta tests environmental public media for developing countries
Posted by Jasmine Touton on Aug 12, 2008

Newsflash: Swedish-based CleanCook designs a stove that burns on ethanol from molasses instead of gas. Scientists create an enzyme spray to harden a dirt road, eliminating the need for asphalt. Kids can now swing and spin on merry-go-rounds, generating enough power for an entire village. Sound like good news? All of these environmental successes are happening right now. A new project by Developing Radio Partners (DRP) hopes to bring citizens of developing countries this “news-you-can-use” via FM radio in order… more
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QUESTION Dear CSM: We are currently putting together our first documentary. We have been very careful to get releases for interviews we have conducted and… more
Innovation in Focus: PBS Vote 2008

In one of the longest and most highly-anticipated build-ups to a presidential election in years, PBS has launched a website that aggregates and highlights the… more
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Beyond Broadcast 2008 Rapporteur’s Report

The 3rd annual Beyond Broadcast Conference, titled “Mapping Public Media,” was held June 17th, 2008 at American University. Roundtable discussions, demos and exhibits examined the explosion of digital, participatory maps as public media, and as tools for visualizing the radical shifts in our media terrain. This rapporteur's report offers highlights of the day's events, and includes audio and video of speakers and multimedia presentations.
UFVA Fair Use & Free Speech Contest - $500 for best fair use!

UFVA is hosting a contest for the best short documentaries employing fair use, made by higher education students and faculty.
Check out this fair use example from YouTube:

To enter the contest, click here!

Inside the Local News: A PBS Series

On October 17, executive producer Calvin Skaggs and producer Ali Pomeroy showed excerpts from their five-part PBS series "Local News." An issue that series raised included the hard choices broadcasters faced after a child's murder, during a trial that sparked racial conflict, and after school shootings. Calvin Skaggs has produced more than two dozen films, including programs for American Playhouse,… more

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