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Startup Hacks: An Early Stage Checklist
August 6, 2008 — by Guest Writer — — 6 Comments

Michael-CerdaThis is a guest post written by Michael Cerda. He blogs about startups, people and the variety hour at Cerdafied.

Here’s a list of things to keep in mind in the early stages of your startup, sponsored by the school of hard knocks.

Product: You product should be a pain pill, not a vitamin.

Make sure it solves a problem or addresses a need. It shouldn’t be something you have to rationalize with major market trends every time you explain it. It should be obvious and descriptive in one line. If you get this wrong, you’re done before you even begin.

From a usability stand point, make sure your addressable audience can get into the product sampling process quickly and easily. Bake instant gratification, stickiness and the need to come back for more into the experience. Avoid having a variable cost structure that directly correlates to every use of the product (don’t take this too literally though).

Marketing: Build marketing into your product.

“Viral marketing” is often misused terminology. Word of mouth is good, but it’s not viral. Viral is something that spreads on its own, as it’s used or as it’s happening. Think about the person at your office that “gave” you their cold last winter – that’s viral.
Avoid or at least minimize paying for each new customer; fooling yourself with non-organic metrics will come back to haunt you. Do keep a small marketing budget for brand building and PR though; awareness is the tipping point variable.

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