Parent pages

Parent relations allow to introduce page structure (like in site maps). The results of setting a parent page are:

* breadcrumbs navigation appear at the top of the page,
* easier to come back to the parent page,
* easier listing (see [module] and [module])

These documentation pages use parent relations. Just see how it works and how it makes the navigation easier.

How to choose a parent page:

  • What category does the page fit under?
  • What was the previous page you were on before going to the page you are choosing a parent page for?

Breadcrumbs should look like this :

Sniki Wiki - Share, Compare, or Leverage Social Media. » social media » Categories » (category name, example: Social Networks) » (list name, example: Social Networks List) » (Site or company name, example: Facebook) » (Other pages for the site, example: articles, bloggers, apis, apps for the site, campaigns for companies)

(at the top of your page and will be made automatically after you click options and then add the previous page you are referencing)

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