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To make a new page (to add a blogger to the list). Go to the list of bloggers. Click edit at the bottom of the page. Add the bloggers name to the list then make the name an internal link by adding three brackets ([) on each side of the name, or clicking the internal links button in the second row 8 over from the left. Then hit save. Click on the name of the blogger (after you have clicked edit on this page and copied the template), then paste this information into the new page and fill out the questions. Feel free to edit the titles, questions and answers as needed. This is a wiki for everyone so please help it grow so everyone can benefit. Don't forget to read our behavior policies.

Who is ___?

Where is _ from?

What's his/her take on the whole Social Networking? Where is it headed?

So a lot of folks know you from your blog, and twitter, but what's something the world at large doesn't already know about __?

How did __ Get into blogging?

What do you do? Who do you work for? What is your product? How did he get into ____ industry? Why?

What is his blog about?

List of Social Networks and usernames goes here.

What does he advocate?

What is his blog about?

Who does he work for?

What is their success metric for the time investment? How do they handle security, IP issues, records management, discovery, etc.?

About (company name) Social Media Campaigns

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Content HERE.

Unique Social Marketing Strategies

content needs written here

Social Media Clients

  • Client Name goes here: Link to new page that talks about their campaign (go back to organizations to see examples and make sure you add their name to the list)

Where have their campaigns gone REALLY well/badly?

content here.


Contact Information


Social Media Profiles

This is where a list of links to all of your company and employee social media profiles go. Don't forget to make them links by highlighting them and clicking the button on the second row/6th and/or 7th over from the left.

  • Twitter - desaraev
  • Facebook - Profile
  • Facebook -Group
  • Facebook - Company Page
  • Myspace
  • Plurk
  • Merchant Circle
  • Yelp
  • Last.FM
  • Digg
  • Google Directory
  • Other & Etc. Etc. please feel free to make this list as long as you want/as many profiles as your company has, but if you have more than 10 employee that want on the list… feel free to make a new header and list JUST FOR EMPLOYEES to separate your company profiles from your employee ones.

Internal Resources

External Links


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