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Find and Share event schedules, venues, meeting places. unites your business network.

At we understand the need for world-class business tools and communication, and we are dedicated to providing these for the world’s business community.

As a world-encompassing business resource, we aim to be a complete solution for developing and maintaining a valued and trusted network, without any limits or barriers.

Through Your Ackces Network you can:

- Make business contacts - meet the fastest rising entrepreneurs
- Find top professionals - The best professionals and freelancers are all here
- Locate venues and resources - Arrange meetings via the Ackces website - choose from a comprehensive list of venues or locations. Automated updates will inform you of any changes
- Discover opportunities - showcase your business talent or discover someone else’s
- Share your calendar and portfolio - and view the schedules of other entrepreneurs

For Help & Customer Support Please Contact any of the Following:

- To send us your feedback, or to just offer your suggestions, please email moc.seckca|kcabdeef#moc.seckca|kcabdeef
- To report abuse please email moc.seckca|esuba#moc.seckca|esuba
- For technical queries please email moc.seckca|seiriuqnelacinhcet#moc.seckca|seiriuqnelacinhcet
- For accounts queries please email moc.seckca|ofni#moc.seckca|ofni

We want to help you inspire others and promote your brand. Send us your stories, and we may feature them on Terms and Conditions apply. Please Email your stories to moc.seckca|golb#moc.seckca|golb

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to your new home and hope that we have equipped you with all the resources you need to create a strong and prosperous brand or business.



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