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About Abunga.com

Our mission is to provide a family friendly shopping experience in a safe online marketplace. In addition to offering a safe shopping environment, Abunga also provides competitive pricing and the opportunity for consumers to select a Favored Abunga Nonprofit (FAN) to which Abunga will donate 5 percent of every purchase.

We implement this mission through the website, www.abunga.com, that offers a diverse range of books and other media that have been filtered by content classification and our user community to eliminate indecent materials.

We further implement this mission by donating 5% of our sales revenue to Favored Abunga Nonprofit (FANs) organizations, selected by our customers, to support good works in communities around the world.

SAFETY: Family friendly content

The largest online book and media marketplaces today are also among the largest sellers of pornography and illicit materials in the world.

The founders of Abunga.com believe that it is time for a wholesome marketplace where illicit materials are restricted and new product offerings are constantly monitored by both the company and its growing community of users that care about decency, hence empowering decency.

Abunga provides three levels of content filtering:

  • Internal Filter – We remove broad classifications of illicit materials by the information classifications set by the publisher. Currently, over 65,000 books are eliminated from our available inventory to protect your family.
    • Individual Customer Block - On any search, any Abunga customer member can click the block button and that particular book will never show up as an offering on their account.
    • Community Block – Abunga records your blocks and if a number of customers block the same product, Abunga will remove it from their offering.

This three level filtering approach allows for thousands of indecent materials to be removed and for personal customization that meet the needs of the family. The customer wins (safety, savings) and the nonprofit benefits (support): empowering decency with shared values and shared rewards.

SAVINGS: Distributor direct pricing

Certainly, it is a tall order to enter into a marketplace dominated by a few multi-billion dollar companies, but we at Abunga.com intentionally approach the need for a family friendly marketplace using a business model founded on best practices for the internet age.

Abunga is able to search for best prices on the new product you want from a series of third party distributors passing on these savings directly to you while charging a nominal transaction fee.

Abunga is positioned between you, the individual buyer, and the large warehouses, filtering objectionable material and finding your products at the best price.

This virtual company approach allows Abunga.com to be highly competitive on pricing. As our business relationships continue to grow and our volume increases, you can expect prices for our merchandise to steadily decrease. The customer wins (safety, savings) and the nonprofit benefits (support): empowering decency with shared values and shared rewards.

SUPPORT: 5% donated to worthy causes

In lieu of large marketing budgets, Abunga has chosen to reward those nonprofit organizations that do good works in their communities and refer customers to us. 5% of each purchase is donated to the nonprofit FAN designated by the customer.

Each year, a check is written to like-minded FANs based on their members designated purchases. Regular updates of their account are available via a passworded account on the fan.abunga.com site. This site also contains a number of electronic promotional materials that help nonprofit FAN partners promote the relationship with Abunga and bring awareness to the importance of decency.

In summary, Abunga creates awareness for new customers by partnering with and supporting nonprofit organizations rather than spending resources on ads and marketing schemes. The customer wins (safety, savings) and the nonprofit benefits (support): empowering decency with shared values and shared rewards.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service.

Abunga Values

We value decency online (serve and protect our customer): If a product is not morally decent, we don't want to offer it, much less sell it. We strive to provide effective methods to our customers to restrict access to indecent media products.

We value decency in the world (support community activities): Our vision for Abunga.com is that this site would become a self-sustaining operation continuously giving significant funds to 1000's of worthy causes far beyond our personal reach, means and imagination.

We value empowerment: We have established an efficient site where a like-minded virtual community is empowered to monitor and control product offerings creating a safe, family-friendly marketplace.

Abunga is the vehicle to create an online community with a collective voice that says, "We've had enough indecent, illicit media - its time to actively stand for decency!"

The Abunga Story

The founders of Abunga felt it was time to stop complaining about the moral decline of our nation and pool our experience to do something about it.

The idea of Abunga was solidified when we realized that this moral decline was strongly linked to the proliferation of illicit materials made increasingly possible by the Internet.

We believe that there are many others like us that desire to use this powerful tool, the internet, for good instead of evil purposes.

Combining years of experience in the brick and mortar book industry with successful internet technology entrepreneurship and web development expertise, we focused on the book marketplace as the point of entry for the Abunga message: empowering decency.



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