A Facebook News Flash From Some Of Seattle S Finest

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A Facebook News Flash From Some of Seattle’s Finest
July 27, 2008 — by Paul Glazowski — — 6 Comments

Ah, Web 2.0. Ye are full of great apps and gadgets. And ye are equally geared for comedic asides. Facebook alone carries with its name terms and phrases that, when mashed and melded hold humorous slants that all can enjoy. If you string a litany of common socnet activities together, you get something like the three-minute sketch comedy “Facebook News Flash,” by Seattle’s Train of Thought troupe.

If you’re coming to it fresh, or paying a repeat visit, the clip will give you a grin. A big one. It might even elicit a chuckle or two. Social networking humor befits this group, for sure.

Train of Thought isn’t new to the popular Web video scene. It’s collection of clips (north of a dozen) have amassed millions of views collectively. But seeing as how Facebook is often on the Mashable radar, this exchange something that gets especial attention. Have a look. Enjoy. Laugh a little. Muchos kudos to the stars of this bit.

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